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The SoluForce system benefits from a wide range of advantages

Why SoluForce?

SoluForce® is the originator and technological leader in the research, development, manufacture, supply and installation of Flexible Composite Pipes (FCP, also known as Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes or RTP).

SoluForce Flexible Composite Pipes deliver the benefits of next-generation technology right now.

Our pipeline systems deliver a significant improvement in the way water, oil and gas are transported around the world.

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Certified by the world’s leading testing bodies

All SoluForce solutions are verified against international standards.

SoluForce Maintenance Free


Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe or Flexible Composite Pipe?

Flexible Composite Pipes (FCP) are the next generation in high pressure pipelines. The SoluForce system is corrosion-, scaling and maintenance free, and suitable for a wide range of applications, making it the 21st century pipeline solution. SoluForce is the technological leader in manufacturing Spoolable Flexible Composite Pipes (FCP), also known as Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes (RTP).

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Pipe Types

All SoluForce pipe systems have a smooth bore, which ensures a much lower flow-resistance and improved flow capacity. Moreover, their resistance to third party interference, earthquakes and landslides has been extensively proven.


The SoluForce systems include a full fitting solution that is specially designed for the various SoluForce pipes. These connections are extremely durable and optimized for extreme high pressures, high axial loads and dynamic operation.

Track Record

Since the year 2000, over 3,500km of maintenance free, high performance, non-corroding, SoluForce Flexible Composite Pipeline solutions have been installed around the globe for various applications.

Service and Support

The SoluForce system is easy to install and needs only limited crew. Add in the long lengths of pipe and it’s easy to see why a SoluForce system can be deployed quickly and safely. Installation support, training  and equipment is available.

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