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Durable & corrosion free pipelines for the transportation of water


Flexible high-pressure water pipe systems for gas & oil well water injection & disposal

SoluForce offers a range of solutions for water transport & distribution.

Why use SoluForce flexible pipe system?
Featuring polyethylene liners and non-metallic fittings, our high-pressure water pipe systems are durable — they cannot corrode — high quality, fast, and easy to install in overground scenarios or trenches. This makes for an efficient, cost-effective, and long-term solution in water applications.

SoluForce Heavy pipes can withstand very high pressures and are also ideal for high pressure water injection and/or when high-temperature resistance is a priority.

All SoluForce flexible composite pipeline systems are available with non-metallic fittings, couplings, and connectors. Our pipeline systems are therefore resistant to all chemicals involved in oil well water injection applications, including:

  • H2S
  • CO2
  • Strong inorganic acids like HCl and H2SO4
  • Strong alkaline materials, including NaOH, KOH, and NH2 solutions
  • Anti-corrosion additives
  • Mineral salts

Typical water applications of the SoluForce system includes:

  • High-pressure water injection pipelines
  • Water transport solutions (incl. potable water)
  • Effluent water disposal
  • Water distribution lines
  • Temporary surface lines

SoluForce pipes can be surface installed, trenched, plowed or be used for rehabilitation purposes in existing pipes. In all cases they can be installed without supporting infrastructure like (sleeper) supports.  

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Pipe Types

SoluForce Flexible Composite Pipe (FCP, also known as Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe or RTP) solutions are comprehensive yet economical. For example, you can opt for pipes-and-fittings only or extend this with a range of services and support.

Options include installation equipment for rent or purchase, as well as training of international and local workforces in the use of the SoluForce system. All so you can safely speed up installation and reduce your labor needs. We can also assist you with project management and help find the right people for your project — or any combination of the above.

Because the SoluForce system can be completely non-metallic, including the fitting system, they are both scaling and corrosion free for all water applications. All SoluForce pipe systems have a smooth bore, ensuring a much lower flow resistance and improved flow capacity compared to alternatives. Moreover, their resistance to third-party interference, earthquakes, and landslides has been extensively proven and verified. This makes them ideal to transport water to remote locations. 

All SoluForce solutions comply with international standards (including API and ISO). Visit our track record page for more information on various SoluForce applications.

SoluForce Light ST 3D Render


Reinforced with synthetic fibre, SoluForce Light has a LCLRCRT ranging from 36 bar/ 522 psi up to 45 bar/ 653 psi. SoluForce Light provides an excellent and low cost solution for low to medium pressure.

SoluForce Classic ST 3D Render


Reinforced with synthetic fibre, SoluForce Classic has a LCLRCRT ranging from 90 bar/ 1305 psi up to 113 bar/ 1639 psi. Being fully metal-free, it is ideal for even the toughest applications. The GT (Gas Tight) version has the added benefit of being non-permeable.

SoluForce Heavy ST 3D Render


Reinforced with high-strength steel wire, SoluForce Heavy has a Pburst,min ranging from 243 bar/ 3524 psi up to 450 bar/ 6527 psi. The GT (Gas Tight) version has the added benefit of being non-permeable, and the HT (Hight Temperature) version can transport fluids at temperatures of up to 105°C/225ºF – a level of performance unmatched by any other flexible composite pipe available today.

SoluForce 3D Render Heavy HT

High Temperature (HT)

Our SoluForce Heavy HT has a design temperature of 105°C/ 225ºF and actual operating temperature of 85°C/ 185°F – a level of performance unmatched by any other Flexible Composite Pipe (or RTP) available today.

Fitting Solutions

High performance fitting solution, providing reliable connectability. With the electrofusion and single swage fitting solutions, the fluids or gasses never come into contact with the metal parts of the fitting system by using a non-metallic insert. This results in a completely corrosion and scaling free system, no matter what kind of water content is transported through the pipe.

For pressures higher than 150 bar/ 2175 psi, the double swage fitting is the system of choice.

All fittings can be disconnected easily to allow for easy relocation of the pipeline. 

Multiple flange ratings are available. All steel parts can be produced according to your material specifications.

SoluForce 3D Render Electro Fusion end fitting

Electrofusion fittings

The non-metallic fittings and connectors used with the SoluForce Light, Classic and Heavy systems rely on electrofusion. Electrofusion requires only limited equimpent and crew to create a safe connection. It's quick and proven to be maintenance-free and durable.

SoluForce 3D Render Single Swage end fitting with insert

Single swage fittings

For high pressure water applications our single swaged fitting system, with non-metallic lining, is the fitting system of choice. The single swage system is fully corrosion free and combines strength with cost effectiveness.

SoluForce 3D Render Double Swage end fitting

Double swage fittings

For high performance and offshore operations, SoluForce offers heavy duty double swaged fitting system. This fitting system is optimised for extremly high pressures, high axial loads and dynamic operation. It's available as standard with Grayloc connections and other user-specific connections.

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SoluForce Water Projects

SoluForce electro fusion desert

Reliably transporting highly corrosive fluids

What do you do when a bacteria in the water eats through your steel flowlines in less than a year...?

SoluForce in trench next to steel pipes

Rapid deployment of a water injection line

A solution was needed that could withstand high temperatures and dusty, uncompromising conditions. Something that could be deployed quickly and easily by local staff...

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With over 4.000 km of SoluForce FCP installed around the world in on- and offshore applications, our customers have been benefitting from our reliable solutions, know-how and experience since the year 2000. The SoluForce system has been extensively field proven in a variety of on- and offshore applications, including mining, gas utility pipelines, water distribution/ injection lines and oil and gas transport lines.

Service and Support
SoluForce fittings and connectors are easy to install and need only limited crew and equipment. Installations can be supported by a SoluForce technician or a local contractor can be trained to install the system.

SoluForce Factory
SoluForce Factory

SoluForce aids in the transport of produced water from oil & gas extraction

The majority of oil and gas-bearing reservoirs also contain water. When hydrocarbons are extracted from rock, water also comes to the surface in varying quantities. This byproduct is known as produced water and might also include large volumes of injected water that has been flooded into an unproductive well to increase oil recovery. 

Produced water can prove problematic for traditional steel pipes over time, as this byproduct of the extraction process often contains highly corrosive and toxic substances such as chlorides and sulfates — not to mention sodium, which can appear in salinities 15 times higher than seawater.

SoluForce Flexible Composite Pipes contain zero metal — including the fitting systems — so they’re impervious to corrosion and require zero maintenance if correctly installed. Our pipes come in long spools, making them cost-effective and simple to lay, with a working life of 50 years and a CO2 footprint that’s 4 times lower than traditional equivalents.

Frequently Asked Questions

When oil is recovered from a well in the traditional manner, it is known as primary oil production. When the oil levels in a reservoir become depleted, primary production becomes more resource intensive and less economically viable. Enhanced oil recovery is used to improve the flow of oil from the reservoir and recover more oil than would otherwise be possible from primary production. The same process can also be used in natural gas production.

In most cases, enhanced oil recovery uses water injection to help increase pressure inside the well, allowing more oil to be recovered and increasing dwindling flow rates. Water injection works by drilling a series of extra wells into a reservoir and forcing injection fluid through a high-pressure water pipe, helping to push oil to production facilities where it can then be recovered. 


Primary oil production is often only able to recover a maximum of 35% of the oil in a reservoir. At that point, pressure drops, resulting in a reduced production rate. To boost the flow, water injection is used, and depending on the method employed, this can increase the recovery factor dramatically — often allowing another 5-50% of the remaining oil to be pumped from the reservoir. 


SoluForce pipes are entirely corrosion free — including the fittings. This means they are impervious to the strong acid and alkaline substances used in oil and gas recovery methods. Besides that, our pipes are flexible and come in long spools, making them perfect for scenarios where rough terrain or even earthquakes are an issue.

In short, yes! SoluForce pipes can be used for any scenario where water needs to be transported safely and efficiently. They are even suitable for drinking water, and have been used for this application. Our pipes have fast install times, and their flexibility makes them ideal for a multitude of applications, from mining to offshore undersea drilling.

No. Our high-pressure pipe systems are corrosion free and contain zero metal — including the fittings. If installed correctly, they have a long service life of up to 50 years and will never require welding repairs due to embrittlement.

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