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The remote northern Iraq-Kurdistan region is known for its difficult terrain. So when an oil company needed to deploy a new pipeline system quickly, there was really only one viable solution. The advanced flexible composite pipeline system from SoluForce met all requirements. We could despatch the order quickly and installation would be far quicker than is possible with conventional alternatives. Our SoluForce Classic system also easily met all technical demands it would face: high H2S and CO2 levels, plus extreme salinity.

The crude oil flowline was laid at an average rate of 2 km a day. Installation was performed by local crews, trained at the SoluForce Academy. Ultimately, over 15 wells were connected to a processing facility, with the short lead time helping boost early production. The network is also completely maintenance free.

This customer has become a loyal SoluForce user, that has been using SoluForce Classic with the electrofusion system for their flow lines ever since.


  • Product: SoluForce Classic M480
  • Length: approx. 40KM and counting
  • Application: connecting 15 wells to processing facility
  • Content: high H2S and CO2 levels
SoluForce header connection Iraq

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