SoluForce Heavy: H415/H515 (ST/GT/HT)

Pushing the boundaries even further for high-pressure and high temperature fluid transport.

The SoluForce Heavy system offers the ultimate solution in for high pressure applications. It is fully scaling and corrosion resistant and ideally suited for high performance and offshore applications.

The SoluForce Heavy Gas Tight (GT) pipe is designed with the needs of hydrocarbon transportation in mind. The SoluForce Heavy GT has the same specifications as the Heavy, but also contains an aluminium barrier layer to completely stop the permeation of hazardous and toxic components like BTX and H2S.

The SoluForce Heavy High Temperature (HT) has the same specifications as the Heavy but pushes the boundaries even further. The Heavy HT pipe has a design temperature of 105°C/225ºF – a level of performance unmatched by any other flexible composite pipe available today.

For offshore applications, SoluForce Heavy can be used unfilled at a maximum depth of 80 metres/260 feet. Fill them, and they can be used in much deeper water. SoluForce pipelines have been used as a temporary test line at a water depth in excess of 1000 metres/3280 feet.

The SoluForce Heavy system offers the ultimate solution for extreme high pressures, high axial loads and dynamic operations. The system is fully scaling- and corrosion-free, and their resistance to third party interference, earthquakes and landslides has been extensively proven and verified.

For lower operating pressures and temperatures the SoluForce Light or Classic solutions might be more suitable.

As the pipe is reinforced with steel wire, it has certain limitations regarding fluid composition. 

SoluForce Heavy ST 3D Render
SoluForce Heavy GT 3D Render
SoluForce 3D Render Heavy HT

Pressures and temperatures:

  • H415 ST/GT/HT (4 inch): 466 bar / 6758 psi | 85°C / 185°F or 105°C / 225°F
  • H515 ST/GT/HT (6 inch): 388 bar / 5627 psi | 85°C / 185°F or 105°C / 225°F

Pressures according to API15S in Pburst,min. 

The SoluForce Heavy pipe is resistant to:

  • H2S
  • CO2 in any concentration or pressure
  • Strong inorganic acids like HCl and H2SO4
  • Strong alkaline materials, including NaOH, KOH and NH2 solutions
  • Anti-corrosion additives
  • Mineral salts

SoluForce Benefits: This is why! A selection of the most important benefits of the SoluForce system.

SoluForce Factory

Service and Support

SoluForce fittings and connectors are easy to install and need only limited crew and equipment. Installations can be supported by a SoluForce technician or a local contractor can be trained to install the system.

SoluForce Maintenance Free

Qualifications and certifications

The SoluForce system has a solid track record in the oil and gas industry and has been in use since 2000 for a variety of applications. All SoluForce solutions comply with international standards, certified by the world's leading testing bodies.

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