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High performance fitting solution, providing reliable connectability.

SoluForce FCP systems include a full fitting solution that is specially designed for the various versions of the system. All the fittings are easy and quick to install using robust and easy to use equipment. All flanges allow for quick (dis)assembly, so the pipe can be re-used or re-located when necessary. With our easy installation process, there is 100% traceability of the installation process and parameters. Flanges are available in various materials, alloys and ratings.

For the Light, Classic and Heavy pipe systems, a non-metallic electrofusion connection is available for applications up to 125 bar/ 1813 psi. For the SoluForce Heavy system at pressures between 125 bar/ 1813 psi and 150 bar/ 2175 psi the Single Swage fitting system is available. This system uses non-metallic inserts to ensure that the fluid never comes into contact with metal parts. This system combines strength with cost effectiveness. For high performance applications the heavy duty double swaged fitting system in combination with SoluForce Heavy is the system of choice. This system is optimized for high axial loads and dynamic operations.

SoluForce 3D Render Electro Fusion end fitting

Electrofusion fittings

The non-metallic fittings and connectors used with the SoluForce Light, Classic and Heavy systems rely on electrofusion. Electrofusion requires only limited equimpent and crew to create a safe connection. It's quick and proven to be maintenance-free and durable.

SoluForce 3D Render Single Swage end fitting with insert

Single swage fittings

For onshore high pressure applications our single swaged fitting system, with non-metallic lining, is the fitting system of choice. The single swage system is fully corrosion free and combines strength with cost effectiveness.

SoluForce 3D Render Double Swage end fitting

Double swage fittings

For high performance and offshore operations, SoluForce offers heavy duty double swaged fitting system. This fitting system is optimised for extremly high pressures, high axial loads and dynamic operation. It's available as standard with Grayloc connections, but weld stub and other user-specific connections are possible.

Multiple flange ratings are available. All steel parts can be produced according to your material specifications.

Service and Support
SoluForce fittings and connectors are easy to install and need only limited crew and equipment. Installations can be supported by a SoluForce technician or a local contractor can be trained to install the system.

SoluForce Factory
SoluForce Factory

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