Energy Efficient Infrastructure

Energy efficient infrastructure for CO2 free energy

Since the EU set the goals under Green Deal in order to become climate-neutral by 2050, all sectors have been motivated to integrate renewable energy solutions. Green hydrogen is seen as one of the solutions to integrate more renewable energy acting as an energy-storing medium. However, before it can be fully utilized as such, there are still some challenges to overcome.

“If Europe wants to reach its target of climate neutrality, there is no way around hydrogen. By 2050, it must be firmly anchored in the European energy landscape. I think that by then, half of the energy mix will be electricity, mainly from solar and wind power, and the other half will be hydrogen.” Ad van Wijk / Delft University of Technology

So, why isn’t green hydrogen already supporting our lives with sustainable energy? The issue lies in the framework – the production of green hydrogen, the construction of hydrogen infrastructure as well adaptations of appliances. While some of the necessary technologies have reached maturity, others, such as networks for high-pressure hydrogen, still need to be improved in terms of reliability, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. to facilitate/improve the distribution of high-pressure green hydrogen, we need to first implement a suitable, viable, and sustainable infrastructure. So, how can we effectively implement the promising solution?  


Sometimes, we need to leave the known in the past to enable change for the better. Especially, when it comes to innovative solutions. To facilitate the transportation of green hydrogen, we need to reconsider its infrastructure. The steel pipes that are traditionally used for conveying hydrogen are considerably heavy and inflexible, making their transportation and installation process costly and time-, and energy-consuming. Apart from this, metal pipes commonly suffer from hydrogen embrittlement and thus have a limited lifecycle. To solve these issues, SoluForce has developed an innovative piping technology, marking a milestone that plays a part in accelerating the feasibility of green hydrogen infrastructure. 

Energy Efficient Infrastructure
Energy Efficient Infrastructure

RTP (Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes) consist of HDPE and synthetic fibers making them more sustainable in production than traditional pipes. The pipes score with their flexibility and availability in long lengths up to 400 meters, simplifying the construction process considerably. Their most prominent advantage is, however, their perseverance.  Other than steel pipes, RTP do not suffer from hydrogen embrittlement and so can be utilized for an extended period and without maintenance. The ease of installation due to the flexible nature of SoluForce hydrogen-certified pipe systems saves on time and resources while ensuring the longevity and endurance of the pipe infrastructure. In addition, the production, transportation, and installation of RTP require comparably less energy, minimizing the carbon footprint by 4 times.  


Currently, SoluForce is taking part in many projects where hydrogen needs to be transported. An example is a project in Eemshaven to distribute hydrogen with its high-pressure pipeline. For the near future, the Netherlands is actively working on a model project in the Province of Groningen, where they are constructing a massive offshore wind park. The park will be built to produce clean electricity which then will be converted into green hydrogen with the process of electrolysis, supplying Groningen Seaports (a port operator in the north of the Netherland) with green power via a complete hydrogen piping system. 

Energy Efficient Infrastructure


We believe that strong partnerships are fundamental for reaching challenging goals. That is why, SoluForce has been developing innovative alternatives and solutions for different projects that support renewable and alternative energy together with Groningen Seaports, KIWA, Hygro, Wavepiston, and more. With these efforts, SoluForce has already built a name as a reliable partner in future-oriented projects. Not only by sharing knowledge and experience but also with its certified and ready-to-use solutions in a market where concepts and ideas still dominate, SoluForce represents itself as a qualified supplier. 

Ideas, as well as pipes, need to connect in order to work. That is how SoluForce views their role as a facilitator. 

“We are connecting the ideas of the future,” Harald Schwarzmayr, CEO Pipelife. 

Piping systems are the connectors that can accelerate a whole multitude of technologies, innovations, and ideas. We believe our solutions can elevate the change towards greener energy. Our SoluForce pipes create the possibility for every innovator, entrepreneur, or researcher to explore the prospects of hydrogen and help us mitigate climate change.

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