Quick delivery and installation of maintenance free pipeline system

In 2018, a mining company was looking for a solution to bring slurry from a pond to a reservoir located up a mountain. Several options were investigated, but the harsh terrain and fluid composition made it difficult to find a solution. The intermediate solution was trucking 50m3/hr by dump truck, a costly and dangerous situation.

The company quickly decided to install 2 lines of 1200 meter each, which was installed in a matter of days. Saving considerable time and money.


  • Quick delivery and installation
  • Installed in mountainous terrain (with a height difference of 250 meters) without supporting infrastructure or special treatment to the pipe or environment.
  • Significantly less costs than alternatives
  • No maintenance leading to significant cost savings


  • Product: SoluForce Classic M570
  • Length: 2,4km
  • Application: Slurry
  • Operating Pressure: 50barg
  • Fluid composition: 45% - 50% solids

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