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SoluForce - revolutionising the way energy is transported

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A significant milestone on the feasibility of hydrogen

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Abrasion- and corrosion-free long-life high pressure flexible pipelines

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Corrosion- and scaling-free flexible pipeline system for onshore oil and gas

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Maintenance-free high pressure flexible pipeline system

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Making marginal offshore fields economically viable

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Many benefits combined into one high pressure flexible pipe system

SoluForce High Pressure Flexible Composite Pipe Systems

SoluForce® is the originator and technological leader of high pressure Flexible Composite Pipe (FCP or RTP) systems. Our robust and maintenance free solutions are used for various applications and can be completely non-metallic.

Bio Gas Installation on a farm processing Cow Dung as a side business activity


Energy from cow dung

Farmers around the UK are picking up on the potential of biomethane for a good side business. SoluForce supports this rising trend with safe and flexible infrastructure. 

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Download our updated product brochure

Inside you’ll find all the essential information on the SoluForce Flexible Composite Pipe systems. Check out beautiful pictures, project and product details and much more!

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Featured Product

SoluForce Gas Tight

The industries only true permeation tight flexible pipe solution. With a uniquely manufactured bonded aluminum layer, light components and gasses are not able to permeate out of the SoluForce GT pipe. 

SoluForce pipeline solutions are as comprehensive as you want them to be.

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You can opt for a pipe-and-fittings only solution. But we can also supply a range of services and support. These include computer-controlled electrofusion installation machines for rent or purchase. We can train and educate international and local workforces in the use of the SoluForce system, so you can speed up installation and reduce your labour needs – safely. We can assist with project management and help you find the right people for your project. Or a combination of the above.

Because the SoluForce system can be completely non-metallic, including the fitting system, they offer the ultimate solution in scaling and corrosion resistance. Moreover, their resistance to third party interference, earthquakes and landslides has been extensively proven and verified.

Track Record

Since 2000, SoluForce has installed over 3,500km of flexible composite pipeline solutions around the globe.


The benefits of next-generation technology right now. Find out more about all the benefits of the SoluForce FCP solutions. 

SoluForce Academy

Extensive training programmes to certify engineers, local contractors and end-user staff for installation, operation and inspection.

Smart solutions for tough environments

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Environmental sustainability is central to the way we do business. This is reflected in our products and services, resulting in minimal logistical movements, a minimum ROW, a reusable solution and a corrosion-free system. Ever mindful of the many communities we serve, we are committed to our Corporate Social Responsibility. 

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Soluforce mining jungle 2

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Advanced flexible pipeline systems for oil, gas and water

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