High Pressure Gas In Remote Location

A French Oil&Gas operator was looking for a solution to handle high pressure gas from a well. Naturally, SoluForce was identified as one of the possible alternatives.

The reason the operator required a Flexible Composite Pipe (FCP) system for their flowlines was simple; the wells are located in an extremely remote natural reserve in Tanzania. Traditional steel pipes would require chemical inhibitor injection and cathodic protection on the well pad. This would complicate the installation, but also the operations, as they would need to maintain and secure facilities on the well pad.
By using an FCP system, the well was completely stand alone, and not fitted with any kind of metering/measuring or injection equipment. The handling of the gas started at the gas processing facility.

Soluforce was identified by the engineers as the only FCP product that was a suitable, tested, and certified solution to handle high pressure gas at high temperatures.


  • Product: SoluForce Heavy H515 GT
  • Capacity: 50 MMScftD / 42000 kg/hr
  • MAOP: 140 bars / 2030 psi
  • Temperature: 70°C / 160°F

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