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Track record

The SoluForce system has a solid track record in the oil and gas industry and has been in use since the year 2000 for a variety of applications. Over 3,000km of maintenance free, high performance, non-corroding, flexible composite pipeline solutions have been installed around the globe. Applications include oil and gas utility pipelines, water distribution/ injection lines, oil and gas transportation flow lines, and gas and oil gathering lines.

SoluForce is field proven. The first flow lines were installed in the Middle East in 2000. These pipes have remained in service since then, without interruption. Meanwhile, SoluForce has been installed worldwide, both onshore and offshore, at major oil and gas companies. There has never been a report of failure in service. Every SoluForce product is developed with a strong focus on reliability, simplicity of installation and use – but above all safety. SoluForce maintains the highest levels of quality in the design, manufacturing and testing of all its products. As a result, they meet or exceed the various recognized international standards.

Rapid deployment of a water injection line

When the operators of Libya’s Zella74B field were researching the installation of an injection line for corrosive water, a solution was needed that could withstand high temperatures and dusty, uncompromising conditions. Something that could be deployed quickly and easily by local staff. A pipeline network that was low maintenance and built for the long term.

They found their solution in a SoluForce pipeline system that comprised SoluForce Heavy H515 pipes and end-fittings, plus the use of an advanced electrofusion system. The 8,800 metre pipeline was installed in record time. Given the specified operating pressure of 1500 psi, the system was hydro-tested at 2000 psi for 24 hours and 2300 psi for four hours. It passed easily and continues to perform to specification.

A pipeline network that requires no maintenance

The remote northern Iraq-Kurdistan region is known for its difficult terrain. So when an oil company needed to deploy a new pipeline system quickly, there was really only one viable solution. The advanced flexible composite pipeline system from SoluForce met all requirements. We could despatch the order quickly and installation would be far quicker than is possible with conventional alternatives. Our SoluForce Classic system also easily met all technical demands it would face: high H2S and CO2 levels, plus extreme salinity.

The crude oil flowline was laid at an average rate of 2 km a day. Installation was performed by local crews, trained at the SoluForce Academy. Ultimately, over 15 wells were connected to a processing facility, with the short lead time helping boost early production. The network is also completely maintenance free.

An inter-field connection with low CAPEX and no OPEX

A French oil company was looking for a straightforward, reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-deploy solution to connect two of its fields off the coast of west Africa. The perfect project for a SoluForce solution. SoluForce pipeline systems are ideal for anyone who wants to minimize CAPEX and eliminate OPEX in offshore production.

The 8.8 km SoluForce Classic pipeline system was laid in less than two days, at an average speed of 5.5 km a day, and needed only one deployment carousel. It was assembled onshore, locally, and stabilised on the seabed, 40 metres down, using locally made concrete blocks. The capital costs were low, and being made of corrosion-free reinforced thermoplastics, the flexible composite pipeline system eliminates operational costs.

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