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3.500km installed around the world

Since the year 2000, over 3,500km of maintenance free, high performance, non-corroding, SoluForce Flexible Composite Pipeline solutions have been installed around the globe.

SoluForce was first installed in the Middle East in the year 2000. In fact, these were the first ever FCP or RTP pipes to be installed and used in the Middle East. These pipes have been in service since then, without interruption. SoluForce has been extensively field proven in a variety of applications, which include oil and gas utility pipelines, water distribution/ injection lines, oil and gas transportation flow lines, and gas and oil gathering lines.

Maintenance free pipeline network

The remote northern Iraq-Kurdistan region is known for its difficult terrain. So when an oil company needed to deploy a new pipeline system quickly, there was only one viable solution...

Reliably transporting highly corrosive fluids

What do you do when a bacteria in the water eats through your steel flowlines in less than a year...?

A low OPEX pipeline made for jungle conditions

When a major American gas operator needed to lay water injection flow lines in the jungles of central Sumatra, Indonesia, there was only one solution...

Rapid deployment of a water injection line

A solution was needed that could withstand high temperatures and dusty, uncompromising conditions. Something that could be deployed quickly and easily by local staff...

An inter-field connection with low CAPEX and no OPEX

A French oil company was looking for a straightforward, reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-deploy solution to connect two of its fields off the coast of west Africa...

Unmatched speed and efficiency

SoluForce was able to deliver and install 1,600 meters of flexible composite pipeline within 2 weeks of receiving the order. This enabled our customer to be back and operational in no time...

High pressure gas in remote location

A French Oil&Gas operator was looking for a solution to handle high pressure gas from a well. Naturally, SoluForce was identified as one of the possible alternatives.

Every SoluForce product is developed with a strong focus on reliability, simplicity of installation and use – but above all safety. SoluForce maintains the highest levels of quality in the design, manufacturing and testing of all its products. As a result, they meet or exceed the various recognized international standards.

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