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Flexible pipeline systems for hydrogen transportation and distribution

A significant milestone with a major impact on the feasibility of (green) hydrogen

SoluForce has developed a spoolable Reinforced Thermoplastic industrial Piping system (RTP, also known as FCP) for hydrogen applications. The SoluForce FCP has been certified for hydrogen applications up to 42 bar of operating pressure. Unique in the world of hydrogen transport and a global first. This significant milestone has a major impact on the feasibility of hydrogen, and is a new step towards a sustainable energy mix.

First application of the SoluForce Hydrogen solution will be at Groningen Seaports, where four kilometres (2.5 miles) of SoluForce infrastructure will be installed. This infrastructure will ultimately distribute green hydrogen produced by wind mills in the North sea to companies in the chemical and industrial sectors in the Eemshaven.

We are in the middle of a major energy transition, requiring cost effective, reliable and safe solutions. Renewable energies are becoming more important and, consequently, the share of renewable energy (i.e. wind, solar) is increasing in order to meet the climate targets. Hydrogen is one of the most versatile energy bearing substances, and will not only play an important role as a decarbonized energy carrier, but it will also provide a buffer function, making renewable energy a more viable solution.

Our mission is to revolutionize the way energy is transported, by offering solutions that help cut cost and make operations safe, durable and efficient. The SoluForce Hydrogen Tight system makes a significant contribution to the future of the hydrogen value chain and will accelerate the energy transition.

SoluForce Classic H2T

Excellent solution for hydrogen transportation and distribution

Reinforced with synthetic fibre, SoluForce Classic H2T has a MOP of 42 bar/ 609 psi for hydrogen applications. Being fully metal-free, it is ideal for even the toughest applications and can be installed anywhere. It is the industries only true permeation tight FCP system.

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