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Reliably Transporting Highly Corrosive Water

What do you do when a bacteria in the water eats through your steel flowlines in less than a year...?

SoluForce Flexible Composite Pipes are installed in some of the most beautiful (and toughest) places in the world. This is somewhere in the Sahara desert, where SoluForce FCP's replaced steel flowlines connecting multiple water wells to a central processing facility.

Electrofusion can be used for some of the SoluForce fittings and connectors, making the SoluForce FCP system extremely strong while being completely metal- and corrosion free. The fluid does not come into contact with metal, providing an excellent solution for (highly corrosive) fluid transportation.

Instead of continuously replacing the steel flow lines, these SoluForce FCP's will last up to 50 years underground, maintenance-free....


  • Product: SoluForce Classic M480
  • Length: 8 KM
  • MAOP: 8 bars / 116 psi
  • Hook up connection and fittings: Soluforce 4" 300# RF Duplex flanges and Soluforce 4" Electro fushion inline couplers and end fittings
  • Installation situation: Trenched installation

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