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A revolution has begun, efficiently transporting the energy supply of the future.

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Meet the SoluForce flexible & corrosion-free hydrogen pipe system

Green hydrogen produced from renewable energy will soon form the backbone of a clean and zero-emission energy supply — and SoluForce is helping to move it, using a revolutionary pipe system that won’t crack under pressure.

The originator of flexible composite pipes

The originator of flexible composite pipes

SoluForce Reinforced Thermoplastic industrial Pipe system (RTP) is a global first, forming part of a proven, fully certified and ready-to-use system for hydrogen transport applications.

  • Certified for hydrogen applications up to MOP 42 bar/ 609 psi

  • Maximum operating temperature of 65°C

  • A successful track record using existing technologies

  • The only flexible composite pipe ready for hydrogen applications

  • Available in diameters of 4 inch/101.6mm and 6 inch/152.4 mm (ND) and 400-meter lengths per coil

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No way around hydrogen

If Europe wants to reach its target of climate neutrality, there is no way around hydrogen. By 2050, it must be firmly anchored in the European energy landscape. I think that by then, half of the energy mix will be electricity, mainly from solar and wind power, and the other half will be hydrogen.


Ad van Wijk, Delft University of Technology

Local hydrogen distribution

As Groningen Seaports, we play an active role in making the industry in the Northern Netherlands greener and more sustainable. Through the collaboration with SoluForce we have been able to develop and install a piping system that is cheaper than the alternative, steel. In this way we contribute to the acceleration of the energy transition.


Eertwijn van den Dool, Project Director at Groningen Seaports

Hydrogen fueled projects


Currently, SoluForce is taking part in many projects around the world where hydrogen needs to be transported. An example is a project in Eemshaven to distribute hydrogen with its high-pressure pipeline. For the near future, the Netherlands is actively working on a model project in the Province of Groningen, where they are constructing a massive offshore wind park.

The park will be built to produce clean electricity which then will be converted into green hydrogen with the process of electrolysis, supplying Groningen Seaports (a port operator in the north of the Netherland) with green power via a complete hydrogen piping system. 

Certified and ready for use


The SoluForce FCP system is based on excisting technologies and has been certified for hydrogen applications up to 42 bar of operating pressure. Unique in the world of hydrogen transport and a global first. This ready to use pipeline solution has a major impact on the feasibility of (green) hydrogen and a sustainable energy mix.

Compared to alternatives, SoluForce installation costs are estimated to be at least 70% lower due to lower weight and availability in longer lengths. Furthermore, the production, transportation, installation, re-use and decommissioning of RTP require less energy, reducing the carbon footprint by at least 75% in comparison with steel pipe alternatives.

Hydrogen Pipe System FAQ's

At ambient temperatures, hydrogen atoms slowly absorb into the structure of traditional steel transport pipes. This can pose a significant problem as molecules begin to form bubbles in the grains of the metal, concentrating pressure and leading to tiny stress cracks, eventually resulting in catastrophic failure for the pipe. 

SoluForce Hydrogen Tight Pipes are based around Reinforced Thermoplastic, with entirely non-metallic fittings, meaning the hydrogen never comes into contact with metal parts, eliminating the risk of hydrogen embrittlement.


The EU intends to make Europe carbon neutral by 2050, and hydrogen looks set to play a vital role in that plan. When made using renewable technologies, hydrogen is a zero-emission energy source. Hydrogen has a wide range of uses, as a fuel for vehicles to a storage medium for solar and wind installations. Several plans are also in place to blend hydrogen into the natural gas supply to heat residential and commercial buildings.


Although hydrogen is technically a zero-emission fuel, at present, 95% of the gas is produced as an industrial byproduct of fossil fuel refining or coal gasification, which isn't sustainable as part of a carbon-neutral energy supply.

Green hydrogen, on the other hand, is entirely sustainable and very clean, being produced by electrolysis using power from wind turbines or solar arrays. However, hydrogen's main issue with hydrogen lies with the existing energy infrastructure. We still need to implement a cost-effective, easy-to-install network of durable pipes to carry the supply to residential areas and storage facilities — and that's where SoluForce's pipe systems come into play!



SoluForce systems have been in use since 2000 across a wide range of applications and environments. Our products are extremely durable, high-quality and safe, meeting or exceeding recognized international standards. 

Most importantly of all, SoluForce’s pipe solutions are more than just a design concept: They’re the only proven, fully certified and ready-to-use system available for hydrogen transport applications.


SoluForce pipe systems are easy to install compared to heavy steel pipes. A small crew can install long lengths of pipework quickly and efficiently (with less permits required compared to steel pipes), even when working in difficult terrain or with limited space.

Our team of Technical Service Engineers can help with any installation support, even providing equipment such as our electrofusion machine. In addition, we offer training programs to local contractors and engineers through our SoluForce academy.


Join the Hydrogen Revolution

Lead the transformation to a cleaner, more efficient energy supply using SoluForce high-performance Hydrogen Tight Pipe systems.



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