SoluForce® to be used to transport green hydrogen

Pipelife, part of Wienerberger AG, announces that it will apply its SoluForce flexible composite technology to the transport of green hydrogen in the North of the Netherlands. This is the first time flexible composite technology will be used for high-pressure hydrogen transportation.

Pipelife has signed an agreement with Groningen Seaports to install four kilometers (2.5 miles) of infrastructure during the next year. This infrastructure will transport green hydrogen produced by wind mills in the North sea to companies in the chemical and industrial sectors in the Groningen region. The patented and internationally certified SoluForce technology already has a proven track record in the oil and gas sector and will significantly reduce operational expenditures for high-pressure hydrogen transportation.

Mark van Loon, General Director of PipeLife The Netherlands:
"This is the first time that we apply our flexible composite technology to energy transport outside the oil and gas sector. Renewable energy is the key to the global economy of the future but many projects are still too costly. We are delighted to contribute to the economic feasibility of green energy projects by using our SoluForce technology. We expect applications to the transport of other sources of energy as well."

SoluForce offers a gas tight version of its pipe system, ideally suited for hydrogen transportation. This version contains an aluminum barrier that completely eliminates permeation of gaseous components, resulting in the industry's only true permeation-tight flexible composite pipe system. Moreover, the system is fully corrosion resistant, even in high-pressure hydrogen applications, making it the perfect solution to safely transport green hydrogen to end-users.

About Pipelife

Pipelife is one of the world's largest producers of composites pipes and fittings. Pipelife has approximately 2700 employees worldwide over 26 locations. It is headquartered in Vienna, Austria, as part of Wienerberger AG.

About SoluForce

SoluForce is a leader in research, development, production, delivery and installation of flexible composite pipe systems, with a strong focus on quality, safety and reliability. SoluForce is a PipeLife brand created in 1999. SoluForce flexible composite pipes have built a proven track record in the oil and gas sector, with over 3.500km installed in all parts of the world since the year 2000. It has several advantages over traditional metal pipes, such as their flexibility, durability, and significantly reduced capital and operational expenditures. The SoluForce system and production is certified according to international standards such as API and ISO.

About Wienerberger AG

Wienerberger is the world's largest producer of bricks (Porotherm, Terca) and the market leader in clay roof tiles (Koramic, Tondach) in Europe as well as concrete pavers (Semmelrock) in Central and Eastern Europe. In pipe systems (Steinzeug-Keramo ceramic pipes and Pipelife plastic pipes), the company is one of the leading suppliers in Europe. With its total of 197 production sites, the Wienerberger Group generated revenues of € 3.120 million and EBITDA of € 415 million in 2017.

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