SoluForce hydrogen pipeline to connect hydrogen windmill with fuel station in North Holland

On November 22nd, a kickoff event marked the first step of a hydrogen pipeline from SoluForce that will connect the HYGRO hydrogen windmill in Wieringermeer to the nearby 'mobility square' of AVIA Marees. HYGRO will undertake a feasibility study for this initiative.

Sustainably produced hydrogen
As part of the comprehensive project 'Duwaal, from wind to wheel', the hydrogen wind turbine and pipeline play a pivotal role. Made possible by the 'Regio Deal Maritime cluster Kop van Noord-Holland,' this initiative centers on utilizing hydrogen for transportation, aiming to produce and offer sustainable hydrogen at costs comparable to diesel. The entire hydrogen chain is incorporated within the project to achieve this goal.

The cornerstone of the project is the HYGRO hydrogen windmill—a wind turbine equipped with an electrolyzer for hydrogen production. Situated on the wind turbine test field of the 'Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland (ECN)' in Wieringermeer, it is approximately five kilometers from the AVIA Marees fuel station. Bridging this distance will require the installation of a SoluForce H2T pipeline. HYGRO is conducting a feasibility study for this purpose. Beyond supplying the fuel station, hydrogen distribution is planned for other fuel stations, construction sites, farmers, and various customers. The electrolysis installation at the wind turbine is expected to be operational by 2025.

Hydrogen economy in development
The development of a hydrogen economy has been gaining momentum in North Holland in recent years. Initiatives like 'Duwaal, from wind to wheel' and the recently launched 'Hydrogen Field Lab in Agri' are prime examples. The Hydrogen Field Lab will see agricultural entrepreneurs exploring the application of hydrogen within their operations.


Follow this link for more information about the 'Duwaal from Wind to Wheel' project. 

Follow this link for the original article (in Dutch).

Follow this link for more information about SoluForce Hydrogen Tight pipeline solutions. 


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SoluForce 3D Render H2T
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