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Flexible pipeline systems for water injection and disposal

SoluForce offers a range of solutions for the high-pressure transportation of water.

Featuring polyethylene liners and metal-free fittings, our pipelines systems are durable – they cannot corrode – high quality, fast and easy to install over ground or in trenches, efficient, cost-effective and built for the long term.

High-quality SoluForce flexible composite pipeline systems are typically used in these water applications:

  • High-pressure water injection pipelines
  • Water transport solutions
  • Effluent water disposal
  • Water distribution lines
  • Temporary surface lines

All SoluForce flexible composite pipeline systems are available with metal-free fittings, couplings and connectors. Our pipeline systems are therefore resistant to all chemicals involved in injection applications, including:

  • H2S
  • CO2
  • Strong inorganic acids like HCl and H2SO4
  • Strong alkaline materials, including NaOH, KOH and NH2 solutions
  • Anti-corrosion additives
  • Mineral salts

SoluForce Heavy pipes can withstand very high pressures and are ideal when high pressures and high temperatures are a priority.

SoluForce Light

Low cost solution for low to medium-pressures.

Reinforced with synthetic fibre, SoluForce Light has a LCLRCRT ranging from 36 bar/ 522 psi up to 45 bar/ 653 psi. The GT (Gas Tight) version has the added benefit of being non-permeable. SoluForce Light provides an excellent and low cost solution for low to medium pressures.

SoluForce Classic

Excellent solution for medium to high-pressure

Reinforced with synthetic fibre, SoluForce Classic has a LCLRCRT ranging from 90 bar/ 1305 psi up to 113 bar/ 1639 psi. Being fully metal-free, it is ideal for even the toughest applications. The GT (Gas Tight) version has the added benefit of being non-permeable

SoluForce Heavy

Pushing the boundries even further, with extremely high pressures and high temperatures.

Reinforced with high-strength steel wire, SoluForce Heavy has a Pburst,min ranging from 243 bar/ 3524 psi up to 450 bar/ 6527 psi. The GT (Gas Tight) version has the added benefit of being non-permeable, and the HT (Hight Temperature) version can transport fluids at temperatures of up to 105°C/225ºF – a level of performance unmatched by any other flexible composite pipe available today.

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