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The SoluForce system

SoluForce pipeline solutions are as comprehensive as you want them to be.

You can opt for a pipe-and-fittings only solution. But we can also supply a range of services and support. These include computer-controlled electrofusion installation machines for rent or purchase. We can train and educate international and local workforces in the use of the SoluForce system, so you can speed up installation and reduce your labour needs – safely. We can assist with project management and help you find the right people for your project. Or a combination of the above.

Because the SoluForce system can be completely non-metallic, including the fitting system, they offer the ultimate solution in scaling and corrosion resistance. Moreover, their resistance to third party interference, earthquakes and landslides has been extensively proven and verified.


Industrialisation, urbanisation, population growth and climate change are already placing enormous pressure on the world’s water resources. And that pressure will increase in the years to come. Luckily, we have the knowledge, technology and capability to pipe water from where it is to where it’s needed. SoluForce water solutions are durable, sustainable, fast to install, maintenance-free, have a design life of up to 50 years and a low impact on the environment.


Whether you need to deploy a network in physically challenging terrain or move highly corrosive liquids at high pressure, or both, SoluForce pipeline systems have your needs covered. Our hydrocarbon pipes and pipes for high-pressure water injection lines feature polyethylene liners and non-metallic fittings. These ensure the durability of the complete system, while our SoluForce HT pipe allows for the transportation of fluids at temperatures of up to 85°C/185ºF – a level of performance unmatched by any other flexible composite pipe available today.


As the search for new oil and gas fields takes operators into deeper and harsher waters, the whole supply chain has to ramp up its performance and offerings. Innovation, quality, durability and reliability take an even greater importance. SoluForce pipeline solutions for the offshore oil and gas industry are at the forefront. Light, strong, flexible, durable, reusable – and with shorter lead times than steel alternatives – they are the flexible and economic solution for next-generation production.


Our advanced pipeline solutions include a full range of ancillary services and support. The SoluForce Academy, for example, can train your international staff and deliver local-context training to ensure you SoluForce system is installed safely, quickly and in a way that will ensure its long-term durability.