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SoluForce installation equipment

Making installation easy and reliable

Our services also include providing dedicated SoluForce installation equipment. The equipment, which can be rented as well as purchased, is state of the art and computer controlled. This guarantees that all couplings and fittings are installed in a way that is controlled, consistant and correct.

All equipment is easy to use and handle, robust and provide 100% traceability.

Electrofusion equipment

Fully automated, CNC controlled electrofusion

The welding process is CNC controlled and uses specific parameters to guarantee a consistant and perfect weld, everytime it is used. Welding parameters are defined through the use of barcodes. This will also ensure that only certified operators can use the CNC machine.

Single swage machine

Lightweight equipment, easy to use

The SoluForce single swage machine uses hydraulic pressure to compress the single swage fitting onto the SoluForce pipe. This creates a high strength connection.

Double swage machine

Fast and easy two-step process

The SoluForce double swage machine uses hydraulic pressure to compress the SoluForce pipe between the stem and ferrule of the double swage fitting. This creates a connection for operating at high pressure and high axial load.

Uncoiling trailer

Uncoil straight from the wooden frame

With the use of our trailer, uncoiling SoluForce pipes becomes an incredibly easy and efficient task. The trailer is designed to be easily and safely operated by a limited crew, and can be attached to any vehicle. Because the wooden frames on which the pipes are delivered can be easily hung into the trailer, there is no recoiling needed.


The right tools for the job

Our tooling enables you to install the SoluForce solution reliably and safely. The tools have been designed by SoluForce and are especially made to be used with SoluForce products. They allow for consistent installation of SoluForce solutions every time you use them.  


Emergency Repair Set

Minimize downtime in case of any problems

With our Emergency Repair Sets (ERS), you will be able to minimize downtime in case of any problems within your excisting pipeline infrastructure. The set can be delivered on short notice and consists of fittings and SoluForce Flexible Composite Pipes.

The SoluForce system is easy to install and needs only limited crew. Add in the long lengths of pipe and it’s easy to see why a SoluForce system can be deployed quickly and safely. Installations can be supported by a SoluForce technician or a local contractor can be trained to install the system.

Contact us for more information about our support, tooling and equipment.