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Single swage fittings

The perfect solution for onshore, high pressure applications

For onshore high pressure applications our single swage fitting system, with non-metallic lining, is the fitting system of choice. The single swage system is fully corrosion free and combines high strength with cost effectiveness.

Single swage end fitting

Connect SoluForce pipes to excisting infrastructure

The SoluForce single swage end fitting is the ideal fitting to connect the SoluForce Heavy system to excisting infrastructure. It is fully corrosion-free thanks to non-metallic interior. It comes standard as a swifel flange for easy connection. Multiple flange types are available, including RF or RJ and any allor rating.

Single swage in line coupling

Inline coupling for high pressure onshore applications

The SoluForce swage inline coupler connects two lengths of SoluForce pipe. The inline couplings are completely non-metallic to ensure that the transported fluids never come into contact with steel.