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What is a Flexible Composite Pipe (FCP)?

The next generation in high pressure flowlines

SoluForce is the technological leader in manufacturing Spoolable Reinforced Plastic Line Pipe, also called Flexible Composite Pipe (FCP) or Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe (RTP).


A FCP / RTP is generally composed of several layers, a HDPE pipe, a reinforcement layer and a HDPE outer cover layer. This enables the pipe to have unique features versus conventional steel / carbon steel pipe lines in the area of corrosion resistance, flexibility, installation speed and re-usability.

Compared to most other FCP suppliers the SoluForce pipe system is completely bonded and can be non-metallic (i.e. non corrosive). The SoluForce system meets and is certified against international standards for water, hydrocarbon and gas transportation. The SoluForce pipe system has design pressures of up to 450 bar/ 6527 psi, and can be used for both onshore and offshore applications.


Flexible Composite Pipes (FCP/ RTP) are sometimes also called: "Flexible Flowline", "Flexible Linepipe", "Spoolable Reinforced Plastic Linepipe", "Flexible Reinforced Pipe" or "Spoolable Composites", for offshore use they are sometimes referred to as "Offshore Flexibles" or "Flexible Umbilical Risers".


Typical application areas of the SoluForce FCP pipe can be found in oil and gas production installations, like a beam pump flexible flowline, ESP (electrical submerged pumps) or gathering pipeline, but also for gas transport, water injection or even hydrogen.

Because of the many unique benefits of the SoluForce system, it is used in all kinds of environments, from the extremely high temperatures and UV radiation of the Kuwaiti desert, to near 100% humidity of the Indonesian Jungle, to the west coast of Africa under 80 meters of water.

Synthetic Fibre Reinforcement

The SoluForce Light and Classic Flexible Composite Pipe (FCP) systems use a synthetic fibre reinforcement. Because these SoluForce systems are fully non-metallic, they are an ideal solution for even the toughest applications and extremly corrosive fluids such as sour oil service without restrictions regarding H2S and CO2 content.

High Strenght Steel Wire Reinforcement

For extremely high pressure applications, SoluForce Heavy is the system of choice. This pipe is reinforced with a high strength steel wire and is specially developed for extremely high pressure (saline) water injection, hydrocarbon or any other fluid transportation. Just like all the other SoluForce solutions, this system is resistant to (strong) inorganics acids like HCI, H2SO4 and (strong) alkaline materials, including NaOH, KOH and NH3 solutions. The CO2 content in the fluid can be very high, up to 7% in the gas phase. 

Gas Tight or High Temperature

SoluForce also offers Gas Tight (GT) types of the Classic and Heavy systems. This is the industries only true permeation tight FCP system and includes an aluminium barrier which enables transportation of gasses and fluids in a completely non-permeating manner. 

SoluForce also offers a High Temperature (HT) type of the Heavy system. Our SoluForce Heavy HT has a design temperature of 105°C/ 225ºF and an actual operating temperature of 85°C/ 185°F – a level of performance unmatched by any other Flexible Composite Pipe available today.


All SoluForce solutions are fully certified according to international standards. Installed since 2000, SoluForce has a proven track record with over 3.500km of pipe installed world wide.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about the SoluForce product range. We are happy to discuss our solutions and see which product is most suitable for your specific requirements. 

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